Wednesday, 16 November 2016

CASE STUDY: Integrated Town Planning

This module draws together skills and knowledge gained during the first semester and applies these to the specific problem of planning for an area of Sheffield. The module will use an in-depth project to explore the problems and potential of a site in inner Sheffield. In doing so, the project will develop skills and knowledge in policy making and evaluation, design and property financing. The over-riding objective of this module is not to view each of these three topics as separate, but to understand the inter-connected nature of these topics in order to respond to complex urban problems in an innovative and sensitive manner. Through this module you will develop skills and knowledge in policy appraisal and formulation, analysis of sites and urban areas, urban design and financial and development appraisal. These skills and forms of knowledge will be drawn together in the form of a site-specific planning brief and design-sketch scheme, a final scheme including financial and development appraisal and a reflective report. The module will also develop presentational skills and inter-disciplinary working. The overall aim of the module is to develop knowledge and skills acquired in the first semester of the programme through their application to an actual planning problem by drawing together three critical themes: policy-making and evaluation, design and property financing.

Dr Liz Sharp 

Liz Sharp discusses development and enterprise in relation to the 'Integrated Project' in the Town Planning Department at The University of Sheffield. This is a module which asks how should the Cultural Industries Quarter in the city of Sheffield be developed in the future.

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