Wednesday, 13 July 2016

EVENT REPORT: Engagement Teaching through Active Learning Methods

With Special Guest Speaker, Professor Wayne Seames

Professor Wayne Seames
In this workshop, delegates learned new, effective ways of designing modules and programmes, as well as teaching techniques that increase the engagement of students in the learning process.

This workshop was aimed at academic and teaching staff, and geared towards helping teachers to overcome barriers that might be preventing them from implementing active learning methods. Throughout the workshop, Professor Seames used a number of different teaching methods to demonstrate ways to get students more engaged in the class, whilst also providing plenty of time for discussion and for delegates to explore and resolve individual concerns.

Delegates were able to consider how students typically learn differently from academic staff, considering the organisation of modules into learning units, the use of learning guides, and flipped learning.

The second half of the workshop focused on engaging learners, particularly in large group settings, through the use of specific techniques such as authentic problem-based learning, case studies, and technology. Delegates experienced the different approaches in-session, and had the opportunity to ask questions to enable them to transfer and apply the approaches to their own practice.

Professor Wayne Seames, the Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of North Dakota, USA and a 2014/15 Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the University of Leeds, has been using engagement teaching techniques in his modules for over a decade. He has received multiple awards for his teaching, including the 2013 UND Faculty Scholar Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Teaching, and Service, and being voted Professor of the Year by undergraduate students at two separate universities.


Event Slides (University of Sheffield only)
Workshop Delegate Pack (University of Sheffield only)

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