Thursday, 28 April 2016

EVENT REPORT: A Celebration of Enterprising Teaching

With Special Guest Speaker, Professor Sally Brown

Emerita Professor Sally Brown
We decided to celebrate the Enterprise Academy's secon birthday with the traditional trappings of a two-year-old’s birthday – cake and balloons! Every birthday party should have a special guest as well, so we invited Professor Sally Brown, Emerita Professor of Higher Education Diversity in Teaching and Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University, to join us.

Emerita Professor Brown led a thought-provoking, practical workshop in the morning entitled ‘21st Century Assessment for Higher Education’. For the curriculum to offer opportunities for students to really develop their enterprise capabilities, it is important that assessment is truly authentic, and truly fit for purpose. As part of this workshop, participants had the chance to explore what this meant in the context of their own practice, and consider fit-for-purpose assessment designs of their own.

In the afternoon, Sally led us in a rousing call to action with a keynote speech on ‘Fostering Learning for Enterprise Capability’. We also heard from some of our University’s own academics who have, through USEA, developed their own teaching practice to incorporate enterprise over the last two years, creating lasting impacts for their students.

The day ended with a drinks reception, birthday cake, and a party bag for guests to take home.


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