Tuesday, 24 February 2015

EVENT REPORT: A Matter Of Course

Bringing staff and students together to explore our perceptions of enterprise education

After one year of gathering and analysing students’ opinions at the University of Sheffield, in September 2013 the USE Academy team completed the report ‘Enhancement of curricular enterprise education incorporating students’ perceptions and feedback at the University of Sheffield’, funded by the EEUK Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund.

'A Matter of Course', co-organised by our Embedded Enterprise Student Intern Maggie, and held on the Tuesday 24th February 2015, brought staff and students together in one place to explore exactly what an enterprising curriculum means, what its value is, and how we can build a productive partnership in order to develop meaningful learning experiences.

Do we all see eye to eye on enterprise? We explored modules and courses in detail, and examined whether perceptions of enterprise match up – are students really experiencing what we believe, or hope, they are?

The event concluded with a presentation of some of our findings from the ERPF study. There is a link to the full report of the study below.


Workshop slides (University of Sheffield only)
Student perceptions study report (University of Sheffield only)

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