Tuesday, 22 August 2017

GUEST STUDENT BLOG: The impact of developing enterprise capabilities within my degree course

Guest Author: Pauline Narvas

Image of headshot of Pauline Narvas, the author, smiling[This is a guest blog written for us by Pauline Narvas. We asked her to tell us about the impact that experiencing enterprise in the curriculum has had on her personally.]

Bio: Hi, I’m Pauline! I have a lot of hats but in summary, I am: a Biomedical Sciences student, an old-school blogger, a front-end developer, a former communications intern, a women in STEM advocate, HackMed hackathon organiser and a coding instructor at Code First: Girls.

My experience

The Organ Donation Project was a project that made up a small part of my ‘Introduction to Human Anatomy’ module in my second year of my Biomedical Sciences degree. I was put into a group with others in my course, where I then took the role of team leader for the project. My role was to delegate tasks to other team members and think of creative, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to engage young students to sign up for the organ donation register, using our anatomical knowledge.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Meaningful external partnerships (PART 2): "Nothing About Us Without Us"

Anna Nibbs
Enterprise Education Developer

In my last post, I invited readers to view the design of external partnerships for learning and teaching through the lens of Lean Startup methodology (Ries 2011), based upon the development of USE's 'Making Ideas Happen' (MIH) module.

To recap: in considering whether it would be beneficial to use external partners, designers of a learning experience need to ask:
Grey tarmac, viewed from above, on which is painted the word "respect" in all upper-case bold, red, stencilled lettering with a white drop shadow
“Should we use external partnerships for this project?”
And if so:
“How can we use them in a way that is both sustainable and manageable?”
We considered our first 'customer' segment - students. But of course, we only scratched the surface of this approach, and I now want to turn my focus to our other key 'customer' - the external partner.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Risky Business...

Dr Alison Riley
Enterprise Education Manager

One of our five Enterprise Capabilities that we want to develop in students is 'Risk taking'.

This is the one capability where, when we discuss it with colleagues who teach in The University, we might see a wince. Much like this.