Monday, 31 July 2017

Meaningful external partnerships (PART 1): Thinking "Lean" about partnership design

Anna Nibbs
Enterprise Education Developer
Whiteboard, with coloured pen annotations on tips for working with external partners, e.g. building the relationship well in advance, working closely to develop the problem, and not overestimating effort involved.

The Enterprise Academy team is chiefly known, and widely recognised for, the support we provide to academic colleagues to embed enterprise in their specific subject curricula. USE does, however, have well-established, in-house teaching and assessment responsibilities.

'Making Ideas Happen' (MIH), USE's interdisciplinary credit-bearing module, is now almost seven years old.

Unlike everything else we do, MIH is not embedded enterprise. True embedded enterprise uses a core subject discipline as a vehicle for enterprise capability (EC) development (and vice versa), MIH's vehicle for EC development, on the other hand, is entrepreneurship education, with a firm focus on fulfilling social aims.

Embedded or not, however, the work we've undertaken on MIH feeds greatly into our work with academics.