Sunday, 20 December 2015

EVENT REPORT: Effecting Cultural Change: Towards Enterprising Institutions

Today we hosted and led an Enterprise Educators’ UK event, exploring the journey towards The Enterprising Institution. The Enterprising Institution is an institution where true cultural change has been effected in the area of enterprise education, making it an accepted and valued part of academic practice, learning and teaching, and the student experience.

It’s a wonderful ideal, but has anyone achieved it yet? If not, where are we on this journey, and how can we help each other? As the programme progressed through the day, we highlighted different possible ‘milestones’ in the journey to embedding cultural change.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

EVENT REPORT: A Matter Of Course

Bringing staff and students together to explore our perceptions of enterprise education

After one year of gathering and analysing students’ opinions at the University of Sheffield, in September 2013 the USE Academy team completed the report ‘Enhancement of curricular enterprise education incorporating students’ perceptions and feedback at the University of Sheffield’, funded by the EEUK Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

CASE STUDY: Architecture Live Projects

What happens in the module?

This module is a core module for students on the Masters in Architecture (MArch).

Students work together in groups over six weeks to complete a community design project. Live Projects were born out of a desire to open up opportunities for students to work with community groups out in the city and further afield while still being supported by the School of Architecture. Students are encouraged to explore how people can effectively participate in the design and construction of the buildings that affect them.

Students leave the course with an unusual blend of design skills. Being able to talk to clients, work collaboratively, develop briefs, and work with people in a real project, helps students to stand out.